What is the Pennsylvania Pennie Program

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The Pennsylvania insurance marketplace is called Pennie. At Pennie.com, you can find out if you qualify for reduced-cost health or dental coverage and estimate your total health insurance premiums, coverage, and possible cost-savings. Even if you do not qualify for cost-savings at the Pennie insurance marketplace, you can still choose a marketplace plan. Pennie has plans from all of the regional health insurance providers.

It is important that individuals look into the options available to them in their area because they may be able to get better coverage at a lower cost. When you search for your coverage options and estimated premiums, you simply need to enter your zip code, date-of-birth for each family member, and estimated income. You will then typically get 50 insurance plan options to choose from,

Health insurance plans can be complicated with terminology, cost breakdowns, and coverages. We know that everyone has their own set of needs and concerns. You need to make sure your primary care physicians and specific providers are covered under the plan you choose.

We help a lot of families choose the best plan that includes the lowest-cost, highest-quality coverage. We can also help when you have any issues in the future with your coverage provider. We are an entirely free resource to the community to help you navigate and understand the best plan for you.

Open enrollment for Pennie is November 1 2022 through Jan 15 2023 but you may be able to get access now if you have had life changes (Qualifying Life Events, or QLEs) or coverage changes. If you have questions or don’t know where to start, we can guide you through the process. Fill out this form or give us a call at (570) 253-0466 to talk to a coverage specialist – we’re here to help.

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